Devices for harvesting of sunflower ПС (A)

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Devices for harvesting of sunflower ПС (A)


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Devices for harvesting of sunflower

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The device ПС (A) represents a set of parts and assembles required for the conversion of grain reapers of combines for sunflower harvesting.

The device completely replaces reaper for harvesting of sunflower on technical features and performance, but it is four times cheaper.

It is designed for mowing sunflower heads, regardless of row spacing and the height of their location above the ground, followed by threshing of them in the combine separator.

It features simple and reliable construction of the operating elements and consists of sidewalls and block module of plant lifter, fixed to one pipe (beam), the feed roll and the extension of the wind shield. Number of plant lifters and feed blade of device depends on the width of cut of combine reaper.

The block module of plant lifters allows for quick mounting and dismounting of devices on the on the reapers of combine.

The use of ПС (A) device on the reaper of the grain combines increases load index of combine in the harvest season, which makes it even more high-performance and efficient!

Many years of experience of use of devices for harvesting of sunflower showed the effectiveness of their use on all types of combine reapers of Russian, Belarusian, European and American production.


Width of cut, m – from 4,0 to 9,1
Performance ensures a full load of the combine separator for 1 work hour, ha
Working speed corresponds to the speed of the combine reaper
Weight (depending on the width of cut) from 300 kg to 950
The capacity is 165 liters
(working capacity is 135 liters.)

Aggregation of combines reaper: "New Holland", "Polesie", "Rostselmash", "Niva", "Yenisei-1200", "Yenisei-Ruslan", "Don-1200", "Don-Lan", "Vector", "Acros", "Claas" ("Dominator", "Mega", "Tucano", "Lexion"), "Slavutich", "Lan", "Massey Ferguson", "John Deere", "Case Int", "Fortschritt" "Bison", as well as other of combines of Russian, Belarusian, European and American production according to customer requirements (over 103 versions).

Lowering device ("Don", "Niva", "Polesie")

The  ПС devices  are equipped with the mechanism (star gears) of the lowering of turnover designed to reduce the rotation rate of the thrashing drum of combine. It is used to obtain the operating rotation rate, allowing to conduct threshing of baskets without destroying the seed. The device consists of two star gears.

The star gear with a smaller number of teeth is mounted on the drive shaft of the counter-drive of the combine instead of disks of the lower pulley variator. The star gear with a larger number of teeth is mounted on the drum shaft, instead of the disks of upper pulley of the variator.

The mechanism is mounted with a device for sunflower harvesting.

Application: combines Don, Niva, Yenisei, Polesie and others.


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