The upgraded grain legumes windrower ЖБВ-5У

The upgraded grain legumes windrower ЖБВ-5У

The upgraded grain legumes windrower ЖБВ-5У


Windrower ЖБВ-5У is used for mowing with subsequent packing of mowed mass in a single counter-flow roll, grain legumes, green peas, beans, sugar beets testes, laid crops and planted grass.  The construction of the windrower is designed for separate method of harvesting. It is used in all edaphic-climatic zone. The railing window (Выбросное окно) is located in the center of the windrower, that has a positive effect on the quality formation of a counter-flow roll and also allows to do swathes and slashes.

Building-block design:

Windrower is ganged up with power units КПС-5Г, КПС-5Б, Д-101, Е-301-304.

The distinctive features of the windrower ЖБВ-4,2 from similar windrowers ЖБВ-4,2 of other manufacturers:

  • The width of windrower gripper was increased, allowing to increase productivity of combines at picking up of rolls, to rationally use the machinery.
  • The fundamentally new direct scheme of the drive actuator of the working bodies is implemented; it increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs of windrower. The direct scheme is applied on the drive of the working bodies; it converts rotational motion into reciprocating motion. The drive is provided by transmission belt, pulleys, crank and rod mechanism, thus the reliability of this assemble was increased and its maintenance was significantly simplified.
  • The windrower has a new anti-winding two-excentric reel, which prevents winding of the mulch on the rake.
  • The windrower cutter bar is of open type, without rods, with one movable knife with reinforced subassemblies, provides perfect cut of plants through the increased speed of their cutting. The application of scheme “movable upper knife, fixed lower knife” allowed to increase reliability, simplify maintenance and improve the quality of the cut. The lower knife being sectional significantly reduces the time of replacement of damaged segments.
  • The free-wheeling clutch is provided in the transmission chain of the windrower drive for reduction of the load on the drive during shutdown of the windrower and creation of additional convenience during maintenance of the windrower.  The kinematic scheme of the windrower drive is simplified, it is more reliable and easier to maintain. Star gear of free-wheeling clutch is made of chain sheet metal with the hardening of the girt gear, which prolongs its service life.
  • The connection system of transmission with the transmission shaft (the connection is made through a spherical bearing) is improved. The design of connection of transmission with the transmission shaft and the scheme of fixation of the shaft itself on the windrower frame are simplified and enhanced, thus their breakdown is prevented. The reliability of the chain couplings is improved and the kinematics of the drive of right conveyor main shaft is improved using a more powerful V-belt, preventing the falling of the belt from the pulleys at the reverse, gear design is simplified.
  • In the windrower, the sill between the cutter bar and the conveyor is lowered (to avoid clogging of the cutter bar by mowed mass) due to the transfer of rod groups of the cutter bar drive from the cutting zone to the rear zone of the windrower.
  • The changes in the design of the frame and beam of the reel were made. The direct support construction in horizontal plane is applied instead of staged left support construction. In the vertical plane, the supports have the deflection, which improves the feed of laid mass by reel to the cutter bar. The changes  made to the design of the frame, beam, reel and other components increased the strength of the windrower, its reliability, and also reduced the time for its maintenance.



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