The upgraded grain legumes reaper -4,2 (5)

The upgraded grain legumes reaper -4,2 (5)

The upgraded grain legumes reaper -4,2 (5)



Reaper -4,2 (5) is used for mowing with subsequent packing of mowed mass in a single breast roll of grain legumes, green peas, beans, sugar beets testes, laid crops and planted grass. The reaper consists of a platform - a dimensioned welded frame on which the main joints are mounted.

Building-block design:

Reaper is ganged up with combine -5 Niva, Niva Effect, Yenisei 1200 (manufactured up to 01.01.2003), -5 Siberian.

The distinctive features of the reaper -4,2 (5)  from similar reapers -4,2 (5) of other manufacturers:

  • The fundamentally new direct scheme of the drive actuator of the working bodies is implemented; it increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs of reaper. The upper knife of the cutting unit is movable, the lower knife sectional, due to this the time of replacement of damaged segments is reduced.
  • A more reliable reel variator was manufactured on the basis of the variator of auger-type platform for the combine Don with the steering hydraulic cylinder of original design, which is more reliable than 83.
  • The free-wheeling clutch is provided in the transmission chain of the reel drive for reduction of the load on the drive during shutdown of the reaper and creation of additional convenience during maintenance of the reaper.
  • The slot hole the actuator of the one-piece construction knife is made of dead melt steel with the use of plasma cutting technology that relieves internal stress of the metal and reduces the chance of breakage of the slot holes. There are two silent blocks in the design of a rod, this allows to reduce the shock load on slot holes and to the drive units.
  • The changes in the design of the frame and beam of the reel were made, thus the strength of the reaper was increased. The additional arrester (support) was introduced to support of the reel during maintenance.