The trailed windrower ЖВП-4,9

The trailed windrower ЖВП-4,9

The trailed windrower ЖВП-4,9

Price 96,870 UAH



The trailed windrower ЖВП-4,9 is used for mowing of grain crops, spiked cereals and cereal crops with packing of mowed mass in a single counter-flow roll. It is used in all edaphic-climatic zone, where separate way of harvesting is used.  The windrower is reliable and easy in operation.


Windrower is ganged up with tractors of 1,4…2,0 pulling force/ ton per second  type (ЮМЗ-6, МТЗ-50, МТЗ-80, МТЗ-82 and etc)

The distinctive features of the windrower ЖРВ-5 from similar windrowers ЖРВ-5 of other manufacturers:

On the windrower, the reel universal, without strutted frame, anti-winding reel with two-sided rake tilting mechanism. The reliable operation and quality of technological process execution depend on the proper assembly and installation of the reel on the windrower. The windrower is transported as cart by the tractor that reduces the load on the tractor hinge, the windrower frame and prevents the deformation and destruction of the windrower joints during transportation.
It was modified the kinematic scheme of transmission shaft drive, which eliminates the twisting of belt drive, as compared to older models, and in turn that increases the belt life.
It was changed the design of the conveyor shaft with spherical bearings, which eliminates jamming of the shafts when distortions occur, and thereby it increases the bearings life.
Drive scheme of conveyor belts was improved. It was applied the new scheme of the drive belts, when there is the tension of the lower branch of the conveyor belt, which eliminates the breakage of shims of the conveyor belts and the noise  is reduced at running of windrower.
The access to the transmission shaft was improved. It facilitates its maintenance and allows immediately detect and eliminate it at the slightest fault.
It was made the changes to the frame construction and the hitch frame, and that has increased the strength, the productivity of windrower, its maintainability.
Left sidewall of the reaper was intensified, and that excludes its deformation.
Crank shaft platform was intensified and that completely eliminates the destruction of this joint.


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