The speed windrower ЖВШ-6,4; 7,6; 9,1

The speed windrower ЖВШ-6,4; 7,6; 9,1

The speed windrower ЖВШ-6,4; 7,6; 9,1

Price 141,400 UAH


The speed windrower ЖВШ-6,4(7,6;9,1) is used for mowing of grain crops, spiked cereals and cereal crops with packing of mowed mass in a single counter-flow roll  for more optimal loading of high efficiency class combines “John Deere”, “Don” at the picking up of rolls. It is used in all edaphic-climatic zone. The railing windrower ЖВШ-6,4(7,6;9,1) allows to reduce the costs for separate harvesting, to release the part of the combine from working with windrowers and to load more optimally the vehicle fleet.

Building-block design:

Windrower is ganged up with tractors ЮМЗ-6, МТЗ-80, МТЗ-82.

Technical characteristics:

The width of the grip m 6,4; 7,6; 9,1
Productivity ha/h до 5,4
Weight kg 2 050

The distinctive features of the windrower ЖВП-4,9 from similar windrowers ЖВП-4,9 of other manufacturers:

The cutter bar drive similar to “SCHUMAHER” type is applied. The use of planetary drive (instead of wobble box) increased the cutting speed in 1,2 times, ensuring increased productivity of the windrower by 20%. The stamped and riveted fingers are applied in cutter bar; they prevent the daily clearance regulation and improve the quality of the cut.
The height of the sill from the cutter bar to conveyor is significantly lower that reduces the loss of cut spikes during the harvesting of low-growing crops.
The minimum set height of the cut is lower due to the original design of a beam of the cutter bar – 60 mm against 80 mm.
Four adjustment ranges of regulation of the reel rotation speed (21, 29, 37, 51 rotations) against two ranges (38, 49 rotations) that reduces the loss of cut spikes caused by throwing out of cut spikes by reel due to mismatch of the windrower movement speed and the reel rotational speed.
Working height of hitch frame ear-tag of the mounted accessory of the tractor 200 mm vs 400 mm, which does not require rearrangement of the outer levers on slots. It’s  almost impossible to do this rearrangement on the older tractors.
Reliable, light, two-excentric reel of classic scheme, which is easy to assemble and maintain.
The stabilizer of the windrower transverse is adjustable, allowing to set its operation on soils with different structure.
Right (field) side panel already, that prevents it from flattening uncut mass.
Adjustment of the minimum height of cut and balancing the windrower is divided into unrelated operations, allowing to carry out them more accurately.
The plunger and piston by-pass hydraulic cylinders are used for lifting of the reel. These cylinders prevent tilting of the reel over the windrower cutter bar and as a result reduce the loss of cut spikes during harvesting of low-growing crops and improve the quality of cut.
The original design of hydraulic jack allows to reduce the time of switching of the windrower from the working mode to transportation mode and vice versa.
New kinematic scheme of a working body drive ensures stable working angles of bending of gimbal gear pin joint and that increases their lifespan and allows to leave windrower on when platform is raised.
The weight of this windrower is lighter than the one of analogues.
The harvester is offset to the right, allowing to use it on the whole width of the grip.
The lifting height of the windrower frame in the area above the unloading window is higher that allows to harvest high-yielding crops.
The shape of the wind shield prevents the cut weight being ejected by the reel or blown out by wind behind the windrower.
Four conveyor belts instead of five ones with a slight narrowing of the table allow to narrow the frame thereby reducing the weight of the windrower and the load on the frame pipe.
The belt drive of the reel allows to reduce the load on the chain drive, thereby extending their service life.
The minimum number of rotations of the reel (21 against 38) allows to operate the windrower at lower speeds without loss during harvesting of heavy crops, which crumble easily, and to eliminate losses during throwing by the reel through the wind shield behind.
The safety (telescoping) mechanism became easily accessible. It is used on daily basis during switching of the windrower from the working mode to transportation mode and vice versa.


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