The mounted windrower -6 (- 01, - 02)

The mounted windrower -6 (- 01, - 02)

The mounted windrower -6 (- 01, - 02)


The mounted windrower -6 (- 01, - 02) is used for mowing of grain crops, spiked cereals and cereal crops using separate way of harvesting with packing of mowed mass in a single roll. It is used in all edaphic-climatic zone. The Reaper can be used to do swathes and slashes and to make double roll, for that the left side is equipped with an outlet shield.

Building-block design:

Windrower -6 is mounted on combines -5 Niva, Niva Effect, Yenisei 1200 (manufactured up to 01.01.2003) and on -5 Siberian  directly on the crop feed elevator of the combine without dismantling of main assemblies. The model -6 -01/-02 is the modification of the serial reaper -6 and fully prepared for mounting with driving chassis of mower-conditioner KPS-5G, KPS-5B, D-101 and power units 301-304. It differs from the basic model with the hitch system and the presence of the intermediate transmission.

The distinctive features of the windrower -6 from windrowers -6, -6 and similar windrowers -6 of other manufacturers:

A brand new direct scheme of drive of conveyor and the cutter bar knife is used. The drive belting is used instead of unreliable gearbox drive and that considerably reduces the risk of stopping the conveyor belt due to the jamming or breakage of the gearbox previously used, and also allows to save on repair.
The windrower can be equipped with a cutter bar of SHUMACHER type.
The construction of rod and slot hole of the knife drive and its mounting is improved.
The windrower has a new anti-winding two-excentric reel, which prevents winding of the mulch on the rake.
The beam of the cutter bar, the upper belt of the windrower frame, side frame, beam of the reel and other elements are significantly strengthened and that increased the reliability of the windrower.
The platform, which extends to side of railing window , guarantees the quality of roll formation and high reliability of technological process.
On the windrower, the reel universal, without strutted frame, five-bladed, with rake tilting mechanism, anti-winding (that prevents the winding of the mulch at the connection beam-pipe rakes). The safety free-wheeling clutch is provided on shaft neck. This safety free-wheeling clutch prevents damage to the reel at critical loads and eases the maintenance (one can scroll the reel in the direction of its travel without apply much force)). The reliable operation and quality of technological process execution depend on the proper assembly and installation of the reel on the windrower. The reel supports are made of a tube with the size of 80 x 40 instead of 60 x 30, which eliminates the possibility of deformation.
Instead of unreliable cast variator (insufficient quality of flow, fast wear) the one formed from steel sheet is applied with the use of rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings also sprockets from steel are used, this makes variable group more reliable and durable in comparison with the previous models used on the reapers -6 and -6.
The outlet shield on the left side allows making swath and forming double rolls. The beam of cutter bar is considerably enhanced  that prevents its deformation.
The upper belt of the windrower is significantly enhanced in the area of the railing window.