Rice mounted reaper ЖРН-5

Rice mounted reaper ЖРН-5

Rice mounted reaper ЖРН-5

Price 149.620 UAH


Rice mounted reaper ЖРН-5 is designed for cutting and stacking to the central roll of rice and grain legumes, cultivated forage herbs and seed-breading plots in all areas of rice cultivation. It can be used for swath and slash of fields.


The reaper is aggregated with crawler combine СКД-6Р, “Enisei-1200Р”.

The distinctive features of reaper ЖРН-5 from similar reapers  ЖРВ-5 of other manufacturers:

The belt drives were used instead of chain drives for drive the main mechanisms and that ensures the reliability and longevity of the header.
The reduction gear was replaced by belt drives, softening the hits and flicks arising in the reaper’s work, and in turn it ensures its reliability and durability.
Cutting speed of the cutting machine was increased by 5%, increasing productivity and cutting quality.
The front beam, reel post, transitional frame were intensified. It increased generally the reliability of the reaper.
Weight distribution and balancing of the reaper were improved .
The operating elements protrusion over the dimensions of the frame reaper is reduced.
It is used the original construction reel, which prevents the winding of cut mass around the reel.
More reliable hydro removal of  reel was implemented, the reaper in transport position rises higher and that reduces the likelihood of its reaching to the crests of rice bays.
More reliable drive clutch of cutting machine was installed; the working conditions of the conveyor belts were improved.
More reliable cylinder of original construction was used instead of unreliable cylinder of variator control.



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