Harvester SH PRIMERA

Harvester is intended for corn harvesting, it provides excellent non-interrupted operation at harvesting in the most complicated conditions.

Harvester SH PRIMERA

Harvester PRIMERA is designed for gathering sunflower by a non-row method, it optimizes the operational properties of the combined harvester. Structural characteristics of the harvester allow gathering sunflower in any direction, irrespective of the direction of seeding-down, easily penetrating into rows.

Special technical modifications allowed achieving higher speed of movement of the combined harvester, without shaking and hooking the product, whereby maximum performance is ensured. The harvester allows gathering all kinds of sunflower hearts, leaving leafs and trunks only, ensuring special purity of harvest gathering, even at minimum height above the ground level.


Seizure width     6; 7,4; 9,1m
Working speed     up to 10 km/hour
Transport speed     20 km/hour
Performance     for combine ha / hour
Drive type      MKM Schmacher type
Cut height     250...800m
Crop lifter axes step       228,6 mm
Amount of double cutting strokes 600 d.c.s./min
Weight     2000; 2470; 3070 kg

The harvester for gathering the sunflower may be successfully unitized with the combine harvesters of any model, irrespective of the manufacture’s country.

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