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Pin mounted mower KPN-2.1

Pin mounted mower


Rotary Mower Z-169

The mounted rotary mower Z-169 is designed for cutting low caulis green mass on grassland, as well as on non-stony cultivated fields with plains and rolling topography of region. The parts of foreign manufacturers, which meet European standards, are used in this mower.



Working width, m: 1.65

The cutting height, mm: 32 and 42

Number of knife drums: 2

Number of knifes: 6 (2x3)

Drum rotational speed, r / min: 2025

Working speed, km / h: 15

Transport speed, km / h: 20

The number of rotations of the PTO shaft tractor, rev / min: 540

Weight, kg: 300; 350; 420



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Pin mounted mower КПН-2.1 is designed for mowing in the spreading of seeded and wild growing herbs.


The mower is aggregated with tractors ЮМЗ-6 МТЗ-80/82, T-40.

Distinctive features of the mower from the КПН-2,1 from mowers КН-1,8, КСФ-2,1, KПO-2,1 and similar mower КПН-2,1 of  other manufacturers:

  • More reliable mower bar and beam of cutting machine than similar ones of other manufacturers and that eliminates the possibility of deformation or damage during work, and a small width of the bar - amassment cut mass on it. It was improved the construction of the right divider, which provides a stable discharge of cut seed mass to the left, and thereby the left skid moves on clean stubble at the next pass of mower.
  • The change of the mower into transport position and vice versa is carried out mechanically by means of a lever mechanism, which is activated automatically at lifting and lowering of the tractor draft hitch unit and which provides lift and hold of mower in an almost vertical position, so you can use this feature to clean the bar of cutting machine from accumulated crop remains on it.
  • High cutting speed and low cut do not affect the root system when mowing perennial and wild herbs, as well as have positive effect on their growth.
  • Areas of the drag link of the draft hitch of tractor are at a height of 260 mm in working mode of mower. It does not require transposition of external levers on slots.
  • The head of knife was intensified.
  • The additional protective shields were installed on the mower  preventing the winding of the seed mass on the operating elements.
  • The mower is equipped with a cardan shaft in a protective plastic cover
  • Field contour following system consists of: the trailing arm connected by chain with bar and beam; the safety mechanism, which is triggered when hit by an insurmountable obstacle, and is pivotally secured on the hitch frame and beam; supporting beam connected by chain with a hitch frame – the chain limits the negative angle of following and provides rise of the bar of cutting machine in tandem with the trailing arm.
  • To fix the bar mower in the transport position when moving, as well as for fixing the bar during interchangeable storage there is flexible hook providing secure fixation of bar with hitch.


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