Metalwork services

State enterprise “Berdiansk agricultural machinery plant” has the possibility to offer you a range of metalwork services and metal fabrication, manufacture of assemblies, mechanisms according to your drawings or samples, also we have our own design office, experience of our specialists in engineering is over 20 years.

Metalwork services

More detailed information on metalwork services is available on our website www.plazma-bzst.com.ua.

which are offered by State enterprise “Berdiansk agricultural machinery plant”

- cutting by guillotine shears from 1 to 16 mm
- plasma-beam cutting NC (numerical control) from 1 to20 mm
- bending of sheet (sheet bender press NC)
effort 160 ton width of the table 3200 mm
-stamping with crank and rod presses
from 20 to 250 ton
- straightening and cutting of wireline from 3 to 6 mm
-sheet material rolling width of the sheet up to 2000 mm width of the sheet up to 10 mm width of the sheet up to 1000 mm
- gas cutting using patterns up to 100mm
Welding works:    

- welding (assemblies, parts, metal structures, etc.) in argon-carbon dioxide environment wireline diameter 1,2;1,6 mm
Mechanical processing    

- NC turning diameter up to 200 mm
- turning of workpiece Up to 750 mm
- cutting of workpiece on belt-saw machine Size of cross section of cut material 25…300 mm
- gear-milling operations Dimensions of the table 1250х320 mm
- flat surface grinding operations
- keyway broach В=6; 8; 10; 12; мL=60 mm
- horizontal broaching Max effort 10 ton max travel capacity of sleds 1250 mm
- cutting of rolled stock pipes 300 mm circle 300 mm angle 300 mm
- sphere of processing of formed surface min=30mmmax=200mm
Production of metal structures made to order  

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