Quick-disconnected loader

Quick-disconnected loader

Price 60,000 UAH 


The loader is designed for loading of various agricultural cargoes (hay, straw, manure, fertilizer, sand, etc.) to the vehicle, mixing plants and fertilizer applicators, for mechanization of warehousing works with packaged and unpackaged fertilizers, for transportation and stacking of rolls into ricks and stacks of hay, straw.


Aggregated Belarus-82/892/1021


Type: Mounted
Hitch: Frontal
Drive: from tractor hydraulic system
Hookup width, mm: 2000
Nominal load, t (kg): 0,8 (800)
The height of the  loading  by bucket, m, no less than: 4
Angle of bucket unloading, degr.: 60 ± 5
Structural weight of the bucket, kg, no more than: 185 ± 10


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