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Furnaces Bulleterm

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"Bulleterm" Furnace is a heating furnace of long burning  and is designed for premises heating of any type, from industrial to residential, we present a choice of 3 types for this. Coefficient of efficiency is up to 80%, which makes this furnace type the optimum in terms of price - productivity.

Furnaces "Bulleterm" are solid fuel burning heating device of long burning, thefuel combustion takes place in two chamber compartment, the fuel burns in the bottom, and the furnace gases pass to the upper chamber and go through the pipe to the street. The furnace is wrapped in pipes that provides heat transfer effect. The loading door is large size that allows the use of large-sized timber, and there is power control on the door: it allows to adjust the temperature.

You can also buy a furnace in the loan, the terms and conditions can be found here.

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