Development of new products 2018

The cart for transportation of reapers

The cart for transportation of reapers may be easily used with the tractor or the combine and allows the transportation of reapers on the highway and the field roads, including on the fields themselves. The cart is used for transportation of the reapers with the maximum width of 12 m.

Mulchers chaff

Mulchers chaff: swathes of straw, afterharvesting residues of sunflower, corn, wheat, barley, rape and other crops with a equal distribution of afterharvesting residues on the soil surface. High density of placement of utility knives with a bilateral sharpening, their profile and weight ensure perfect grinding of plant residues.

The accessory for harvesting of soybeans and peas

The accessory for harvesting of soybeans and peas is intended for the reequipment of grain reaper of the combine at harvesting of soybeans, peas and laid grain and legume crops in all regions of their cultivation. The accessory is used to maximize reduction of losses during harvesting of these crops.

The bulk loader

The bulk loader is designed for mechanization of loading from the storing bunker into a body of a truck or trailer, for lifting on high, for horizontal transportation of grain, seeds, cereals, building materials and other bulk materials.


The reaper is designed for harvesting of sunflower of row and solid planting in all areas of its cultivation.


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