Devices for harvesting of rape plant of brand





Devices for harvesting of rape plant of brand


Devices for harvesting of rape plant of  brand

Price 51,100 UAH


Device of brand is designed for harvesting of rape plant in way of direct combining and is aggregated with the auger type platform of domestic and foreign combines.

The device is hung on the sidewalls of the reaper, which prevents the movement of the device during operation and ensures its reliable fixation.

The device consists of:

  • sturdy steel frame, which extends the reapers desk by 750 mm, with widths from 5 to 7,9m;
  • active lateral dividers of height of 1297 mm with a mechanical drive system of fingerless cutter, which serves to separate the mowed off masses from non-mowing masses;
  • cutter with special knife of SHUMACHER type.

Using the device reduces the loss of rape plant when harvesting and is efficient in all weather conditions.

Performance and speed of the device corresponds to the performance and the speed of the combine reaper.

The body length must comply with Reapers width of cut + 0.5 meters at transportation by automobile.


With combines:

"Don-1500", "Don Vector", "Don Lang," SK-5M, "Niva", "Slavutich", "Yenisei, Claas Mega, Claas Dominator, Case, Massey Ferguson and etc.

The differential features o devices for harvesting of rape plant of brand from devices of , , brands and similar devices of of other manufacturers are the following:

  • Devices for harvesting of rape plant of our development have the number of innovations designed to reduce vibration, increase the maintainability, ease of operation and ease of maintenance, versatility for reapers of different manufacturers, the high availability (active removable dividers, removable plate ).
  • Side active dividers comprise of two knives with special active legume segments. The dividers drive construction eliminates vibration of device in operation.
  • Drive of right side divider is made through a transmission shaft, which is driven by the wobble box that allowed to get rid of vibrations.
  • The application of bifurcated segments on active dividers had the important role in reducing of the vibrations. The bifurcated segments reduced the knife stroke twice.

These differences are patented by 6 patents.