About the company

Subsidiary Enterprise "Berdiansk Agricultural Machinery Plant" was founded in 2003 by Open Joint Stock Company "Berdiansk "Agrotekhservis". Main directions of activities are: development and production of agricultural machinery and heating equipment.

SE "Berdiansk Agricultural Machinery Plant" occupies an important place in the national agricultural machinery consistently focusing their efforts on ensuring the development of production capacities, scientific and technical potential. The plant has the manufacturing base with advanced equipment, professional labour collective and sufficient experience in agricultural machinery building.

SE "Berdiansk Agricultural Machinery Plant" designs prospective samples of modern harvesters, loading and heating equipment, a basis of which is modern European and world trends, research of scientific branch institutes, user feedback.
Today SE "Berdiansk Agricultural Machinery Plant" is among the leaders of Ukraine on the production of agricultural machinery and heating equipment, for the production of which the components and parts from European manufacturers are used. An important place in the production is occupied by the components supplied by our Polish partners, who produce their products for flagship companies of agricultural machinery of Poland and other EU countries, among them there are such companies as Metal-Fach, Kowalsk, Wirax and others.

Overcoming economic difficulties, the Company is constantly increasing volumes and product range; starting in 2014 the Plant had mastered the serial production of front loaders, harvesters for sunflower, rotary mowers, snow piles, screw grain loaders, solid fuel boilers, including long burning, all over 20 types of products, the rate of growth of which is constantly increasing. Time had confirmed the correctness of the chosen path and in spite of all the staff of the enterprise does not stop at this point and already in the season 2017 plans to bring the corn, soybean harvester, cart for their transportation to the agrarian market, master the soil processing machinery and improve the heating equipment.

The result of years of work was overcoming the main stages of development, access to the leading position in the industry, recognition by consumers of Ukraine and other countries who have purchased the products produced by the Plant.

P.S. Our achievements are your success.

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